Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Fever

It's officially spring here in the Adirondack Mountains..... the snow is almost completely gone from my yard (revealing just how much cleanup there is left to do!), the stray cats are nosing around and curling up on my front porch, reports of bear sightings are starting to hit the media and the deer are out frolicking on the golf course (I kid you not, said golf course is on the way to my doctor's office and I stopped to watch six of the beauties cross the road in front of me, if you look, they're back by the trees)

The one thing I haven't been able to do much of, is knit. I am hoping that my upcoming surgery for my carpal tunnel will fix it so that I can knit more.... the sucky part of carpal tunnel is that it has significantly slowed down the amount of time I can sit and knit before my hands give out. I did, however, finish one baby hat (and have a second halfway done to use up the skein of yarn)... I had tried to switch to sewing, but my sewing machine (a Brother CE5000PRW) decided to have a tantrum and locked up on me.... (if anyone knows how to fix an E6 error, when there isn't any thread in the machine from either the top or bobbin area and the side knob won't turn, please hit me back!)

There was also the usual celebrations in March.... my birthday, and that of my spouse.... he admits to having to grow older, but he refuses to grow up.... so what could I do but get him a cake with his favorite super hero?
50 Candles surrounding Captain America.... and yes, there are exactly 50.... and what he didn't know was that our sons were in on the little "trick" by sticking four of the relight candles in there (they're in with the white) and were spaced out just enough that as soon as he thought he had one blown out, another would start back up on the other side of it.

Signing off tonight (my kids are pestering me that the beef stew is finished...) with a little warm and fuzzy... a doctor from my home state of Maine knits hats for the babies he delivers... I can't see my former OB doing this... but the article (and his blog) are cute and full of sweet pictures of babies...