Monday, March 17, 2014

Book Review Time! (with a side of knitting)

Firstly, remember that I am a huge fan of the Yarn Harlot (as I assume many of you are, given I get quite a bit of traffic from her site) and I am in no way, shape, or form associated with any sort of profession that you could enter with a degree in English. I also am not a fan of change, but understand that it's necessary and try to go with the flow (just don't take away my knitting.... snarky ugliness can occur when someone tries to take my knitting away... and no, I don't fly anywhere so people on the airplanes are safe LOL!)

The first change came in the format for her blog courtesy of some Bruins
, Patriots, or Red Sox games> who chose to flood the comments section of her blog.... The new format's not much different from the old, although I have to admit that going with the light grey background instead of white makes it much easier on the eyes.
The second change (and perhaps the biggest if you're unfamiliar with her blog) came in the form of her latest
book, "The Amazing Thing About the way it Goes: Stories of Tidiness, Self-Esteem, and Other Things I Gave Up On." Which I purchased through the Amazon Kindle (mainly because I was too impatient to wait until the next time I made the hour trip to the nearest book store that would have it, the local book store doesn't stock hers, or any other knitting related books and it was a birthday gift to myself) and she was right, it is different from the usual books she writes. I don't think she should have been nervous (as she stated on her blog) about it coming out, I think it was a good different.

Her prior books (the two she did the audio books for, "At Knits End: Meditations For Women Who Knit Too Much" and "Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off: The Yarn Harlot's Guide To the Land of Knitting" are regularly played on long car trips, even my spousal unit and teenage sons laugh to parts and then stuff their ears blaring whatever is on their mp3 players when they get tired of it... Hey, She Who Drives! I do hope that she does more audio books though...) remind me of going to a knitting group for the first time where most are on their best behavior at first, but after a while the inside jokes and gentle teasing starts up. This one seemed more intimate and was more of a "sitting down with a good friend, cup of tea, and our comfort knitting" type of book. There isn't really anything to compare it to, those of us who've been following her blog knows that there are ups and downs and that there have been a few really big downs this past year and can probably relate to things (such as the way her Joe has his piles of stuff like my dh does and it just doesn't occur to either of them to deal with it as they do things like empty their pockets.... or the parenting bit, only in my case it's raising boys instead of girls as I am stuck living in a testosterone zone!).

The only disappointment I really had with the book was in regards to the book tour, she has yet to come to my area and naturally the one time she was only a few hours away, we has that nasty winter storm to deal with. Oh well, there's always a next time, not to mention Rhinebeck come fall!

On the knitting project front, I have already started my gifts for next Yule starting with socks for my rapidly growing teenage sons (size 12 and 13 feet already!). Although the brown, blue, and grey (chosen colors of my almost 14 year old, the yarn is Paton's Kroy Sock yarn called "Sing n' the Blues" and the pattern is the Yarn Harlot's basic sock recipe out of Knitting Rules! )  the next pair (grey, red, and black for my almost 16 year old. I know that socks "don't take long" but I found that if I work on them early on, then come November I'm not stressing over the gifts for some of the more difficult people (like my part of the gift for spousal unit's mother). By the time the holidays come and my stress levels go up (and my tolerance for people goes way down, greedy gulls at the stores primarily or the drama kings and queens going on and on about "all they have yet to do" complete with overly dramatic sighs and eye rolling that one would expect out of a teenager the night before a project or school paper is due)  that if I do them early and have them wrapped by Thanksgiving (which is when we host the family for dinner, after which the kids and grandkids put up the tree) then my stress level is way down and I can actually enjoy the season.
However, the color choices of the teenagers makes me want to grind my teeth with the current Winter that Never Ends, I am also working on some brightly colored baby hats using the Lion Brand Jamie (New) dk yarn number 205: Caribbean Stripes to combat the never ending blue, brown, and grey of the Adirondack Mountains. I'll end up filling a box with these and then figuring out what to do with them, there's always some NICU (even though these fit the size of a plum through medium/large grapefruit with room to spare) in need of baby hats.... and if I get bored with my current projects, there's always the bin of UFO's to work on while dreaming of past warm summers in my home state of Maine walking on the beach or "upta camp" swimming and unwinding as the day slowly slips by....