Friday, April 8, 2011

From the bottom of the abyss

I didn't realize it'd been so long since I last blogged! Time is most definately flying by way too quickly now.  It's been over a year since I first started this blog (WOOHOO!) and I didn't even realize it. ANYWHO.... there's still quite a bit of knitting going on up here in the mountains.... and not much of it is during the Thursday night knitting group either :)

I ended up making quite a few things.... and also donated quite a few things for a raffle at the benefit dinner for one of the knitting group's husband who has health issues and needs to have their house redone to be handicap accessible now....

The Owlie Sleep Sack  was probably one of the biggest pain in the butts to make... well, at least crossing the cables to create the owls were... but that was my own fault. I used Red Heart Super Saver which isn't very good for doing things like cables, but I like it for babies because of its indestructibility.  This is one of the things I sent off for the raffle.

 This is a really crappy picture, but I took it with my phone while waiting for my dh to get out of work.  It's the baby hoodie from Bernat that I wouldn't recommend making unless you're really good at figuring out how to put increases evenly without being told which stitch to increase in, just how many increases you need.  I'll post a better picture this weekend after I get some more batteries for my camera. It came out extremely cute, the kitty face buttons that I found are absolutely adorable on it. I ended up using the kfb to make the increases as I HATE holes in my knitting, especially when they're not intended as part of the design and the item that I'm knitting is for babies. Now that my printout of the pattern is written on with the math for the increases figured out, I may just end up making more.... I have some cute daisy buttons to use :)

I know I said I wouldn't use this yarn again after the disastrous clover colors socks, but I've just stopped caring about things matching up exactly when working with shaded yarns. I learned that when I used the Caron Simply Soft Shadows on a baby blanket that's worked corner to corner last fall.  So now I'm using the color way Cameo Colors and making another pair of socks, to be gifted away next January whenever the tribe gets together to celebrate Yule.