Monday, August 2, 2010

busy busy bumble bee.....

When it comes to my knitting anyway..... I'm working on taking care of some of my WIP's so that I can get working on some of the other things I wish to make (such as the booga bag) and to continue on my quest to have lots of yummy hand knit wool socks this winter for my easily frozen feet.

So what have I been working on? There's 3 oddball blankets... two of which I have finished my portion on. The green one is "Kermit's Lily Pad" and the second is "Little Bitty Pretty One". These will be passed along to the next knitter this week...

Next up are the three projects I am currently working on.... A top down raglan baby sweater for my new nephew that will keep him warm this fall (made from Caron Simply Soft Shadows in the Merino colorway). I freely admit to having bought a LOT of this yarn and I am now working my way through it. It's just very convienient that my little brother (little as in younger, he's 9 years my junior and a LOT taller than I am!) happened to have a boy. :)

  I'd frogged and am now re-knitting the "Clover socks" from a prior post (I've made more progress than is visible in the pictures.. I just haven't taken new pics today as it's overcast and the lighting stinks. Last but not least, the third oddball blanket, Strawberry Kisses.


I am still, as usual, working on my 12 year old's never ending blanket, although I am making progress in that I'm down to the last 2 balls of this yarn and it'll make a nice comfortable lapghan for him to curl up under this winter while he reads or watches television. I'm also trying to decide which type of yarn to use for the border as the type of yarn that I'm currently using for it is no longer manufactured by Lion Brand.