Friday, July 2, 2010

They're Done!

The socks that I was making with the Deborah Norville yarn are finally done. I know it seems weird to state "finally" when in actuality it was only a couple of days... I cast them on Saturday, took Sunday off, knit on Monday and cast on the second sock (I like doing both socks at once, prevents the second sock syndrome plus makes it MUCH easier when I get to a part I need to concentrate on but am out KIP and need something mindless I just pull out the second sock). Tuesday I had to rip out the heel (a few times) because I completely arsed it up (btw, for those whom are keeping a list of how to annoy a knitter, yell “COME HERE QUICK” with the urgency of a life or death situation to make them completely lose track of where they are on the repeats… also helps if you go and throw a cat in to help scatter the stitch markers that the knitter is using to go and keep track of the number of pattern repeats… and have it over something completely stupid like a video game!) then had a really productive day Wednesday and finished weaving in the ends Thursday night, within an hour of knit night ending (very handy to only have a 15 minute walk to where the knitting group is held!). Their name is still up for debate.... I have one minion saying "trick or treat" and the other "halloween vomit" (yeah, he's 12). The colorway isn't too obvious so I ended up taking a close up (again, "borrowing" my dh's digital camera LOL!)
The colorway is called Thyme (olive green, highlighter orange, white with dark rose and medium blue speckles in it. As for what I think of this yarn, it's not too bad, The main issue I had with it was splitting but that's to be expected I think. I'm not sure just how well it will wear as I'm not about to wear a wool blend sock in 80 degree (approximately 27 degrees celsius) weather. I do, however, have an almost 10 year old who keeps trying to swipe them and run away. 

 So how productive can one be in 3 weeks? Yes, this also includes housework, running errands (although I admit my dh drove!) and sleeping regularly....

Productive enough to make 2 pairs of socks to fit my size 9 feet. I did, on the most recent pair have to extend the foot of the sock to 5 1/2 inches (13.97 cm) with the Deborah Norville yarn.

I also woke up this morning feeling very odd.... as though something was really far off and I couldn't put my finger on it. I rolled over and didn't see my tapestry bag sitting on my nightstand (I use my tapestry bag for sock projects) and realized that I'd finished the sock the night before and hadn't cast another one on yet.... I'm slowly working through my stash so right now I'm down to just TWO skeins of yarn that I like left in my stash that'd work for socks.... two balls of Lorna's Laces in Red Rover and one Cascade Heritage paints. I also have the odd small amounts left over from my assorted sock projects that I think i'm going to go and use to make baby socks... the only other sock yarn that I have is two balls of that godawful Patons Kroy FX that after e-mailing the company about the LACK of dye lots matching (Yes, I DO realize that FX is not going to have the pattern matching up, but I'm talking about the BASE colors in each strand not even matching. The greens were different colors, the oranges were different, etc... the colors from one skein were much duller than the other ones) and was sent an e-mail that basically said "deal with it" and did not address the fact that the base colors were different or the knots in the two balls or even how horribly it splits.  I was so disappointed with it that I frogged the socks that I had mentioned a couple of posts ago.

So what to do? I can't NOT knit.... most people have a shrink, I have knitting needles. I pulled out my (two different dye lots) Caron Simply Soft Shadows in the merino colorway to start working on the Baby Blocks blanket by Ann Norling and so far I'm rather pleased with the results.
I'm not sure how well the shading will pop up when I get a ways in and start the body of the blanket but I think it will be pretty and make a nice lap blanket (I'm aware that it's designed to be a crib blanket, but it's acryllic which melts easy and I don't want any babies to get burned while they sleep should (Gods forbid!) there be a fire.

But this will more than likely go to my first grandson whenever he arrives (no, none of my kids are expecting, the only one with kids is my oldest stepson and he has two little girls). Now I just need to either find or build a cedar chest to keep them in. Since I apparently can't have anymore kids (it's not that I don't want them, it's just that there are things going on medically to prevent them despite our efforts at trying) I may as well knit for future grandbabies right?