Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's always interesting to knit in public

I love knitting in public. I'm one of those people who have issues with anxiety (especially in large crowds or when I'm out in a much larger city alone than the city I live in) and I am also one of those who never seemed to have posessed much patience (As the Yarn Harlot says in her book At Knit's End "I do not knit because I am patient. I am patient because I knit.") and knitting helps with all of these. I also enjoy hearing the conversations about me knitting (yes people, it's knitting, NOT crochet... crochet has one hook, knitting has at least 2 needles) that they think I can't hear (my kids know that I have hypersensitive hearing, which generally works against them). For example, at a doctor's office the other day while I was waiting for a nerve test to be done on my back (car accident related) there was just me and an elderly couple in the waiting room.

Man: "Look at that, what is she doing with all those needles?"
Woman: "I think she's knitting."
Man: "Are you sure? I didn't think you used all those needles to knit."

The woman came over and asked me what I was doing, what I was making, etc. It led to a short but pleasant conversation about how she used to crochet for years and her husband's mother used to knit. Ones like that I really don't mind at all.. when I'm working on something simple like a sock (which is what I was making... they're generally my take along projects) but then there are those on the other side of the aisle who seem to think that women knitting in public is pushing feminism back a few decades.  Some people need a life :)

On the knitting front, I seem to be getting very ADD about my projects. I must have started (and frogged) a dozen projects over the past week. I can't seem to be overly pleased with anything... that blanket I was working on in the Caron Simply Soft Shadows I ended up frogging because the pattern wasn't coming out at all... I'm still deciding what I should try to make....