Sunday, June 27, 2010


WOOHOO! the Joker Socks are done!  I've decided that I really like the Regia sock yarn... it feels a tad itchy on the outside but is uber soft on the inside. I expect that they'll soften up quite nicely once I wash them with some fabric softener later on....  
Yes, these are for me. My wonderful dh stated that he wouldn't buy me any more yarn (blasphemy!) until I made something for myself..... so here they are, my nice wool socks which will be wonderful this winter when we're digging out from another 3-4 feet of snow yet again this upcoming winter....

I realise that the colors don't show up very well So I waited for a nice sunny day and "borrowed" my dh's digital camera for the nice closeup shot. As you can see, there's a nice olive green, light blue, gold, dark green, light green, orchid and raspberry color. I also didn't have to go and trim too much from one skein to have the two line up

So now the question is what I feel like making next. I have quite a few things listed in my ravelry que but I can't decide which, then there's the impatience of either tracking down the yarn in the larger cities about an hour away from my neck of the woods or waiting for the order to be delivered....  So for now I'm working through what's left of my stash and making another pair of socks using the same pattern as the Joker Socks, but this time in the Deborah Norville serenity sock yarn in the color Thyme.

Quite frankly I think they're fairly ugly and hard to look at and watch the colors unfold. I'm doubtful as to whether or not they'll actually stay up but we'll see what's what. I think I'm also going to go and figure out what yarns I need for the projects in my que and then add them to my wish list on knit picks, save myself the grief of trying to track them down again