Thursday, May 20, 2010

Second sock syndrome???

I've knit socks before using the Yarn Harlot's basic sock pattern.... probably more times than I care to admit (I think the current count is up to 5 or 6 pairs total 3 of those are using the Yarn Harlot's pattern.... 2 of those in a month and a half which isn't too bad given I also worked on other things!) and no, I didn't block the first pair below (the color didn't come out very well, but I was using the camera on my old cell phone... it's Red Heart heart and sole, don't remember the colorway but I think I might have the wrapper around somewhere)
More with the Yarn Harlot's pattern, these were Yule gifts (yes, that's my nifty homemade blocking board, also known as a cork board with a towel over it LOL!)  The ones on top are the red heart heart and sole in Spring Stripe and the ones on the bottom are Paton's Kroy socks stripes in Bronzed Berry Stripes (pics are better since I "borrowed" my dh's digital for them!)
 Now i'm working on the second sock of another pair, using the Paton's Kroy Sox FX in "clover colors"

My gripe with them (and all self-patterning yarns actually) is that just because they CLAIM to be the same dye lot, doesn't mean they'll all match up exactly. The bronzed berry pair came closest and even those were a row or two off...

next I may just go and get crazy.... I may just have to deviate away from the basic sock pattern and dive in with my Lorna's Laces (red rover, I have yet to find that colorway again!) and my Heritage Paints and make myself a pair of socks (the amusing part here is that although I bought these yarns over a year ago with socks in mind for myself, I seem to have a mental block preventing me from actually knitting SOCKS with them... the old "the yarn is too nice for socks!" but hey, who else is going to appreciate all my hard work as much as me???? and why should I get stuck with the crappy store bought socks freezing my feet off in the winter while others get to have nice toasty toes??? HRMMM??? :)

Yeah, I'm getting in touch with my inner Veruca